How To Lose Your Weight And Fit Your Body

Today my topic on how to fit your body steps are given below. If you want to lose your weight you must follow these steps for lose your weight & also fit your body.

  • 1) Drink normal warm water for cuts your fats.
  • 2) Eat more fiber for cut your belly fats like apple, porridge, papaya, cherry, almond, grapes.
  • 3) Use black coffee without sugar before breakfast.
  • 4) Use green tea without sugar after lunch and dinner.
  • 5) If you want to lose your weight you must avoid bakery items because its increases your weight.
  • 6) Eat small quantity of loaf (Roti, chapatti) in a day like 1 in total day.
  • 7) Most important run daily 10 mints before breakfast and after dinner.

If you implement these all steps in your daily life I guaranteed you can lose your extra weight and you can easily fit your body.

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